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Property Owners - List Your 5* Property with Us for Free


Whether you have are buying, have a new or existing holiday property we can help you by marketing your property on our website, either solely or alongside your own advertising.  We can also offer advice on where and what to buy.  We can offer you help and advice all the way and we can help you set up your accommodation to the right standards.  You can list your property with us for free and we only take commission on any bookings we generate for you.




Below is some information about York Luxury Holidays and how we can help you to both establish and grow a successful and enjoyable business.

If you would like any further information, or are interested in advertising your new or existing property with us, drop us an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We look forward to hearing from you.

Why holiday-let?

  • It is currently a great time to invest in a holiday property:
  • Interest rates are low.
  • Buy-to-let is no longer the preferred route for property investors.
  • More banks now offer mortgages for holiday properties.
  • Property values are rising again.
  • A holiday property can yield a much higher return than a longer term rented property.
  • There are extra tax benefits for furnished holiday accommodation in the UK.
  • Staycations are becoming more and more popular.
  • In York you can rent your property all year round for holidays because the city is popular for short breaks in every season.

About York Luxury Holidays

We are a local family business who have been running and marketing 5 star holiday properties in York for sixteen years. Having won awards for providing the best self catering accommodation in York, Yorkshire and England we are able to offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to other high-end holiday property owners who would like to join us to be marketed on our website https://www.yorkluxuryholidays.co.uk whether alongside their own marketing or solely with us.  We have a well known and trusted brand, and can boast high repeat customer bookings based on excellent customer service. 

We work with local estate agents to give help and advice to anyone seeking to buy a property to run as a holiday-let, to help them to set up and create a successful business.

At York Luxury Holidays we work in partnership with property owners.  Our property owners provide high quality accommodation and we offer seamless marketing and booking processes together with help and advice all the way.  Our joint aim is to “be successful together, offering a wonderful holiday experience to all our guests.”

What can we do for you?

If you already have a property, or are looking to buy, to offer high quality holiday accommodation we can help you from set-up through to marketing, taking bookings, and more.  Here is a summary of what we offer:

  • Help with the identification and set up of your luxury holiday property.
  • Help with legislation, information, processes and more.
  • Give an informal assessment of your accommodation, in line with Visit England but with more flexibility and more business awareness of your market.
  • Advise on pricing structure.
  • Prepare your ad to market your accommodation via our website and other key sites.
  • Market your accommodation on our website with high positioning on search engines, and also via key on-line ad sites as well as in relevant brochure material.
  • Handle enquiries and take bookings.
  • Transfer booking payments direct to you within 5 working days.
  • Confirm bookings to guests. 
  • Handle all communications to guests post booking confirmation including directions, car-parking, access and arranging host welcome and liaise with the cleaning company OR
  • Pass all guest information to you as owner to communicate directly with your guests, arrange cleaning and prep and to meet your own guests.
  • Organise and liaise with a guest changeover company who will clean, prepare and act as host to welcome your guests, as well as to help with any problems during their stay.  

What we don’t do:

  • Insist that you advertise only with us.
  • Insist that X weeks are only available to us to advertise.
  • Charge you an assessment fee.
  • Charge you a registration fee.
  • Charge you an advertising fee.
  • Charge you a set-up fee.
  • We don't personally clean or manage your property but we organise and liaise with a very professional company who can prepare your property between guests as well as to be the host to welcome your guests to your property, and to help with any problems during their stay.

The Only Costs to Property Owners

If you would like to become a partner with us there are two routes to consider, namely either we do all the communications with your guests or you do. Our fees are:

  • For everything, inclusive as outlined above, and for YOU to handle all the communications with your guests post booking confirmation, as well as to arrange your own cleaning and guest welcome we charge 15% of each booking we take for you.
  • For everything, inclusive as outlined above, and for US to handle all the communications with your guests as well as organise the cleaning/changeover company, we charge 20% of each booking we take for you.
  • (Cost from the changeover company for cleaning, maintenance and guest welcome will be charged directly to you by the changeover company separately.)

A-Z of what we do

Admin processes

We have slick admin processes established for managing enquiries, taking bookings and handling communications with guests.  By joining us you can take advantage of these, saving you precious time.


We advertise properties via our York Luxury Holidays' website using our organic web marketing tools, via pay-per-click advertising and through other key ad sites.  We also advertise with the local Tourist Authorities via their marketing, which reach 100,000's of visitors annually. Unlike many marketing companies we do not restrict property owners to advertising with us alone.  By joining us you will be able to take advantage of all of this, saving you £000’s on membership, advertising fees, website development, search engine optimisation costs and secure payment handling systems.


We only partner with providers of quality accommodation, and with high customer focus, in order to ensure the reputation of our brand and that of the other properties who advertise with us.  We assess each property before joining.  This is also to help our property owners decide if we can be of help to them too.  We can advise and help property owners to attain the required 5* level based on the key areas which are important to customers namely quality of accommodation, cleanliness, location and customer service.  Attention to detail is always the key to success.  We also recognise the need for flexibility, as no one property is alike.  By joining us you will have peace of mind that you are with other top quality properties, where reputation is important.  


Our simple and secure on-line booking process via our website is available 24/7, every day of the year.  This means that time differences across continents won’t impact on international guests being able to make bookings in their time.  It gives full flexibility to customers to view the on line live calendar and to book immediately, without having to make an enquiry first. 

When a booking is received we notify the property owner (and host if using) by text, to advise of the dates and name.  Full details of the booking are then sent by email.

Guests pay a deposit of 40% with the balance due one month before arrival.  If arriving within a month of arrival then the full cost of the stay is required.  We accept any card, except Amex.  We do not accept cheques, bank transfers or cash.  Payment of monies received for a booking, less the agreed agency fee, is transferred to the property owner within 5 working days of the booking being made.  We collect final payments due via our secure on-line system, again transferring the amount due, less the agency fee, to the property owner within 5 working days.  By joining us you won’t have to wait to receive your money until after a guest has left or until the end of the following month, unlike with other marketing sites.  You will receive monies due within 5 working days of payment being made, straight into your bank account. 


We always advise guests to take out their own holiday insurance in case they have to cancel.  Should a cancellation occur then we will only refund monies paid if the cancelled dates are re-sold.  By joining us you can be certain that you are protected in the event of a cancellation.

Charges for Guests

We do not charge guests a security deposit (unless requested), or for parking, utilities, cleaning.  All of these add-ons are just there to put people off booking, and are either not required or are unfair in our opinion.


We pride ourselves on our communication processes which cover handling enquiries, responding to bookings, sending the required information to guests, advising property owners/managers of bookings, advising property owners of booking monies received and paid to bank and seeking feedback from customers.  We have strict targets on speed of response as well as quality of response.  By joining us you can be assured of a seamless end-to-end communications process.  You can also choose whether you want us to handle all communications with your guests on your behalf e.g. including directions, gathering their information, giving parking and access arrangements.   Or, if you prefer to manage the communications yourself following receipt of a booking, that is fine too.  Of course the latter makes for a better relationship between you and your guests and is our recommended route for your business but, if you prefer to pass the communications to us to manage on your behalf, we will be happy to help.

Customer Oriented

Customers are the key to our joint business success.  So whether those customers are our property owners who are working in partnership with us, or are guests who booked to stay in one of our advertised properties, the focus on customer satisfaction is of paramount importance.  Only those property owners who have their customers as the focus of their business will succeed.  By joining us we can help you to achieve this. 


When a booking is made, information is gathered from guests, whether by us or you, depending on your chosen route.  Only those named may stay in the accommodation.  We do not accept stag and hen parties, (nor single sex non-family groups of more than three people, unless permitted by the property owner). 


We handle all enquiries whether by phone or email.  We have a high conversion rate and achieve very high targets for speed of response.


We do not charge property owners a registration fee, a set up fee, a joining fee or an advertising fee.

Property owners can choose to join us at one of two levels:

  • 15 % charge of bookings taken. We will give you help and advice, assess your property, take photos, develop an ad and market your property via our website, web advertising using organic growth and pay-per-click, membership of local tourist bodies, PR opportunities and database e-marketing.  We will also handle enquiries, manage bookings, handle payment system costs and security, transfer monies due, update calendars and seek feedback.
  • 20% charge of bookings taken.  We will do as above plus send out and manage all communications with your guests and your hosting partner/cleaning company pre arrival e.g. directions, information form and collection, car-parking, local information requirements, access etc.

We know just how costly advertising and marketing is, especially when you are first starting and need to develop a website.  The cost of joining just two key web advertisers can bring costs into the £000s, and then you are lost amongst the hundreds of other properties listed which can be of varying standards.  Add that to assessment costs and membership fees, and you can just see your upfront costs spiral.  By joining us we can take the pain out of this, instead you will just pay us your selected fee, as outlined above, from any bookings we take for you.  We only get paid if we deliver for you!

Length of Stay

We can advise on length of stay and changeover dates.  Our experience says that, in the middle of a busy city, property owners who restrict themselves to Friday and Monday changeovers lose.  Short stays of two or three nights with arrival any day of the week is important.  

Personal Service

We score 100% satisfaction from guests on our enquiry and booking processes of which we are very proud.  This is down to giving a personal service which must be carried through to even after a guest leaves.  It is important that the property owner/host gives their own personal service including welcoming guests on arrival.  This simple part of the customer process sets the scene for the guests to have a lovely holiday.


We can take photos of our property owners’ accommodation to put on our website and our other ads for marketing purposes.  We do of course use any provided if preferred.

Pricing Structure

What to charge guests is one of the hardest areas for property owners to decide.  Have the price too high and property owners price themselves out of the market.  Drop prices too low, beneath other similar properties, and guests will be suspicious of the quality of the offering and it won’t feel special.  And what about short breaks, weekend breaks, mid-week breaks?  At what price should these be advertised? And how many price plans should there be - how much confusion is allowed?  We have a simple costing system based on the location and quality of the accommodation which can help, focusing on property owners’ income as opposed to occupancy.  By joining us we can help you through this minefield.

And more . . .

The list is endless, so if you are interested in knowing more about partnering with York Luxury Holidays where you will be alongside other high end holiday properties in York, and if you want to know more about running a successful holiday let, then just drop us an email.  We will be happy to talk to you.

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